The aim of our cocktail classes are to provide an informal setting for small groups to learn cocktails & have fun at the same time! 
We try to keep our classes as relaxing and fun as possible! They are perfect for group celebrations and team bonding sessions.



 Our cocktail experts will talk through & demonstrate how to make a particular cocktail. Once that's finished every person gets to make the cocktail themselves using the ingredients already laid out.The staff then choose which cocktail they think is the best & award a small prize (mini bottle of prosecco or raboso). Whilst guests drink their made cocktail the staff can setup for the next one & the process is repeated. 



- The price per person is £20 and that includes 3 cocktails as described above & private use of the bar.
Food could be ordered & paid for separately from the standard pizza menu, or …. 

- For £28 per person we can include a selection of wood-fired pizzas served at the end of the class. 
(Gluten free pizzas are available by request). 

- The price for non-drinkers is £12 per person including 3 mocktails or £20 per person with 3 cocktails plus pizzas.


The sessions need to be done at a time when the bar is closed to the public, but people wouldn’t need to leave once the session is done they can stay for further drinks or food afterwards. Time slots: any time Monday-Tuesday, 2:30-5pm Wednesday-Saturday or 1:30-4pm Sunday. 

There’s a minimum of 10 people required & a maximum of 25, maybe a couple more at a push! If your group is less than 10 people we may be able to post something on social media to see if another group are interested in sharing the same date. 



To reserve it's £10 deposit for the first 10 people. So £100 in total. Deposits aren't required for any further people so as long as there's 10 minimum nobody will lose their deposit. Payments can be taken at Bank Chambers, The Italian Job or by BACs transfer. 


To check dates or make a booking: